Johnson County Septic System Permitting

The Wyoming Department of Envrionmental Quality delegated the authority and responsibility to enforce and administer the provisions of W.S. 35-11-304 for small wastewater treatment facilities to Johnson County.  

Septic Permits are required prior to construction of all small wastewater treatment facilities.  

Johnson County requires a registered licensed engineer design all septic systems.   A septic acknowledgement is required in addition to all design applications.  

For information on Permitting Requirements contact the
County Sanitarian at the:

Johnson County 
Planning Department
26 N DeSmet Ave
Buffalo, WY  82834

OR call 307-684-1907.

All applciations and forms shall be submitted to the Planning Department prior to issuance of a Septic Permit.

Downloadable FORMS:

Septic Acknowledgement

Septic Design Application

Percolation Test Procedures

Certificate of Completion 

A certificate of Completion is only required when inspection has not be completed.  Inspections are required to be arranged 24 hours prior to backfilling.

Septic Regulations:  

In July 2016, revisions to Chapter 25, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Water Quality Division (WQD), Rules and Regulations were signed into effect.  

Johnson County Commissioners have opened the County Small Wastewater Treatment Facility regulations for public comment.  The comment period is promulgated pursuant to W.S. 16-3-101 (Wyoming Administrative Proceedures Act).  The public comment period begins on April 13, 2017 and closes on May 30, 2017.  


1985 County Regulations:

Current Small Wastewater Facility Regulations

Proposed Amendments to Johnson County Regulations:

Amended Rules (Strikeout/Revision Draft)

Amended Rules (Clean Proposed Draft)

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