1.80  Q. Where can I acquire a passport?
A. Passports are available from the Clerk of District Court Office at the Johnson County Judicial Center, 620 West Fetterman St, Suite 208, (307)684-7271. Applications will be accepted from 8am - 4pm Monday thru Friday.

2.00  Q. How do I vote absentee?
A. Obtain an absentee voter form from the Johnson County Clerk.

2.50  Q. What is the phone number for Jury Duty information?
A. (307)684-9295

2.60  Q. How do I get an address for my property located in the county?
A. Call 684-2262 or email cbenner@johnsoncowy.us to request an address be assigned.

3.00  Q. Where can I check on employment openings for Johnson County Government?
A. You should check with the individual departments.  Their contact information is listed on the "Contact Us" page on this website.

3.50  Q. Where can I register to vote?
A. Johnson County Clerk's Office

3.75  Q. Can I reserve a camping spot at the Mikesell-Potts Recreation Area?
A. All camping spots at the Mikesell-Potts Recreation Area are on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

4.00  Q. What are zoning regulations?
A. They are what allows you to build in a given district.

5.00  Q. How do I contact the Johnson County Landfill?
A. The phone number for the Johnson County Landfill is 307-684-2541.